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NetzVertising: Ball Catch Net with advertising NetzVertising: Handball backstopnet with advertising NetzVertising:custom log printed volleyball net NetzVertising: Detail of netting with advertising NetzVertising: Soccer goalnet with custom printed clublogo

Safety Net, Net and Goalnet with your custom logo printed.

Netzvertising developed solutions and strategies for visualization of advertising messages. Our technique allows effective advertising logos and motifs present on conventional plastic sport nets, safety nets, ball catch nets, protective nets behind the goal and football goal nets.

This hitherto unused network space in the stadium and arena can be added value, used by us.


Commercially available printing techniques often fail even to be printed on the proportions and dimensions. The print results are characterized by a very weak color yield and little or no contrast.

Our Innovation

are produce special high opaque UV and weather-resistant substrates, the highest color brilliance and contrast. By the thickening of the filament netting is a partial increase in surface area and the subject is generated for the camera and eye-dimensional and luminous.

We distinguish between two process technologies,
One-sided and all-round coating

The one-sided technology is ideal for ball catch nets, protective nets and safety nets in arenas, stadiums. Not printed on the back is nothing for the viewer to see the logo or advertisement and is therefore affected not disruptive.

The all-round technology is preferably used in beach volleyball nets and soccer goal nets. The extreme increase in surface area, the highest dimensional visuality is generated.

Not without reason that our patented technology has been used for years with the SMART World Championships and the SWATCH tour and achieved by best media properties yield the highest sponsorship.

Trust our expertise and innovation.

Together with you we develop a goal-oriented strategy with the ultimate economic success.

"We do not reinvent the wheel, but knowing it to get going on."